Life at Christian Fellowship extends beyond the Sunday Service.  Once you have come a few times, you will probably be asking questions like “How do I get involved?” or “How do I meet even more people?” While there are a lot of opportunities, we hope that the steps outlined below will simplify the process and help answer these questions.

1. Visit

Attending a Sunday morning service is a great first step in getting to experience the church and to meet other people.  Whether you come alone, with your family, or with a friend, you are always welcome.  To learn more about a typical Sunday service, see the What to Expect page.    

2. Meet Jesus

You will likely hear us talking about Jesus because He is the foundation for everything you see and hear during the Sunday service. If you have not met Jesus and don’t have a relationship with Him, this step brings true freedom into your life, regardless of your background.  It is what unites us together.  To learn more about Jesus, see the Meet Jesus page or ask any of the leaders about Him. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.       

3. Connect

We value relationships and have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other.  That is why we started the different ministry groups.  There are groups for all ages. Many of the fun activities that occur outside of the Sunday morning service are done through these groups. Check out the Connect section of the website to learn more.

4. Grow 

Just like we grow up physically, we also need to grow up spiritually. We provide many opportunities to help you grow.  Two recurring opportunities occur on Wednesday nights through Life Groups and TRACKS. Church membership and the Building Together class are other ways to learn more.      

5. Serve

Just as Jesus washed his disciple’s dirty feet, we need to serve others.  It is not intuitive, but we often grow the most when serving others and laying our life down for them.  There are plenty of areas to help support the family of believers within the church, and the church would not be possible without every family and individual taking their place to build a strong community of believers through men and women serving one another. In addition to building up one another in the local body, we are also called to be a blessing to our community and to the world. See the Serve section for more details.  

6. Repeat

We are always learning new things about Jesus, each other, and ourselves. The process never stops! As we grow, we can teach others and help them become more like Jesus.  This process is called discipleship, and it is essential to the Christian Life.